Chloe’s Trainee Program

Ever wanted to work for a startup, or perhaps for a beauty company? Now you have the opportunity to do both, Chloe’s trainee program is open to applications!

Chloe’s traineeship program’s are suitable for everyone enrolled in a higher education institution, irrespective of what discipline is your major. Only requirement is that, you have a genuine passion to excel and build a sustainable business. 

As a member of a small, but rapidly growing startup, you would be assigned a project for the duration of your traineeship. The trainee will fully own her/his project, and the assigned mentor would merely assist in the successful completion for the project.

What we offer:

-   The opportunity to show that you can “do it” when given the chance and the responsibility
-   The chance to witness first hand the building of a business
-   An comprehensive insight to a global import-export business
-   The possibility develop yourself in your own discipline outside of the classroom during your studies
-   The opportunity to further employment at Chloe’s

You may send your application or any enquiries you have to chloe (at) Please include your CV, and a short cover letter. Please drop the official jargon, just write it from your heart why you want to participate.